Fare Collection Systems

Fare Collection Systems

AMCO has a unique competitive advantage: It offers and supports complete solutions that have been tested in the field for many years. Throughout these years, we collaborate closely with our large customer network and we continuously innovate, to reassure that our B2B customers always stay on top!

Our offering combines both hardware and software in a robust and unified experience, while each part of it can be integrated and used with any other 3rd party solution.

Our powerful cloud platform (SaaS) supports any kind of modern transportation approach, such as account based, fare capping, cEMV, smart cards and more. Amongst other things, it provides advanced device management, fraud detection and detailed analytics so our operators can transparently examine their cash flow down to the last detail.

Our cloud platform can be used to cover all the mobility services of a city (MaaS) – all under a single account – it can get configured to form consortiums through the interconnection of different instances and it provides all the APIs you may need (PaaS) so you build your own application and/or integrate your solution with your partners. At the same time, we can provide you with web/mobile applications, customized, to meet the exact requirements of your B2B users and your end-customers.

Device manufacturing has been our core business for many years. We have exported our devices and relevant software to many different countries all over the word and we have been awarded for the excellency of our design. Our quality assurance department runs exhaustive tests so we can guarantee that our hardware withstands extreme weather conditions and vandalism. Continuous security and application monitoring through telemetry is a must.