Software Development

AMCO provides the entire solution for the mobility services of a city, which can be tailored to meet the exact needs of any public or private operator. Our offering ranges from software that runs on unattended devices, such as info-kiosks and Ticket Vending Machines, to software developed to fulfill the needs of every related B2B user role, as well as the needs of the commuters who can access our services from anywhere and via any device, web and/or mobile.

Our powerful platform, which runs on the cloud, acts as a glue for all client applications and delivers a unified experience. Collaboration between different transportation operators is also possible upon request.

We support a wide range of software technologies, programming languages, scripting languages and automation frameworks. Our scrum, devOps, design, customer support and product teams collaborate closely and achieve continuous delivery of value. Fast response times and high quality constitute our top priorities.