Based on its long experience and know-how, AMCO designs and manufactures ticket validators for easy and secure fare collection management on bus, tramways and light rail. AMCO’s validators combine aesthetic design, robustness and high performance in processing a variety of electronic fare media options including smart cards, printed or mobile QR codes, NFC and EMV bank cards.


SV-360 Contactless Validator

Tailored to modern passenger needs, SV-360 features a 7″ touch color display, attractive user interface, bright indication LED light bars and a 3W audio system to ensure instant transactions as well as enhance rider’s experience. Apart from secure and unhindered validation transactions, this device is the ultimate marketing tool through promotional videos and animations on […]

Key Features

  • Elegant, robust and high quality validator suitable for vehicle environment
  • 7” projected capacitive touch screen with user friendly Interface
  • Power CPU for further expandability
  • Fare media options like smart cards, printed or mobile QR codes

Product Details