Smart Parking

On-Street Parking

The biggest problems to be solved in a city environment, regarding the availability of parking space, are the accurate real-time information of the drivers and the effective management & monitoring of on-street parking spaces, in order to increase revenue for the municipality.

AMCO solves the on-street parking problem with its Smart Parking System. It is a system that can use either wireless parking sensors or cameras to check the occupancy of the parking spots.

The solution also includes Pay&Display machines, web-based central management software, LED displays and mobile applications for parking guidance, as well as enforcement software and hardware.

Off-Street Parking

Effective management of an off-street parking station requires to address the following issues:

  • Automated access control of the vehicles.
  • Provisioning of alternative means of parking fees payment to the drivers.
  • Reduction of the personnel required to operate the parking.

The system consists of software and hardware which interoperate as an integrated platform that ensures the successful management of an off-street parking.

AMCO’s Smart Parking System supports QR Code and RFID technology tickets, as well as the issuance and management of subscriber cards.

For better results, the solution can be enhanced with a parking guidance system, which includes software and hardware for real time information on the availability of parking stations.