TVM-360 Ticket Vending Machine

TVM-360 is an attractive and reliable outdoor Ticket Vending Machine for customer-friendly sales at bus stops and stations, tramway platforms or even metro stations. It is extremely easy for passengers to operate, meeting this way, one of the most important criteria of public transport access to passengers. TVM-360 is so versatile that can provide the best possible access to local public transport networks to people with varying capabilities, in different situations, without any additional engineering or adjustments.

Thanks to our universal design, device is reliable in all climates, offering proper and uninterrupted operation under harsh environments with extremely high or low temperatures and/or
humidity and dust. Furthermore, the TVM-360 is a heavy-duty device, able to resist common vandal attacks easily. AMCO has developed a user-friendly interface for enabling passengers to purchase the ticket of their choice, recharging their smart cards or issuing a new smart card, paying with a wide range of possibilities (coins, banknotes, smart cards, bank cards, NFC, QR codes).