TVM-360 Cashless

AMCO proudly presents it’s latest creation, TVM-360 Cashless. The device has been designed and manufactured from Company’s tech experts, with state of the art technologies, minimal appearance and high concern of the public facilitation towards public transportation.

AMCO’s new Ticket Vending Machine is an outdoor, customer-friendly device, optimal for metro stations, tramway platforms, bus stations or any circumstance that cover’s an automated selling need.
TVM-360 Cashless has been desinged to enhance the best possible access to local public transport networks, making them even more viable to people with varying capabilities, in different situations, without any additional engineering or adjustments.

Due to it’s specialized design, TVM-360 Cashless can cope in all type of climates, providing proper and uninterrupted operation under harsh circumstances with extremely high or low temperatures and/or humidity and dust. In addition, AMCO has created an easy-to-use interface, that allows passengers to conduct the purchase of their needs, recharging their smart cards or issuing a new smart card.

TVM-360 Cashless, has been designed and manufactured in order to reinforced AMCO’s Vision for easier and passenger-friendly transportation and smarter cities.