Supply and Installation of Integrated Telematics & Passenger Information System at Athens TRAM

AMCO S.A. currently implements the procurement and installation of an integrated telematics & passenger information system at Athens TRAM, as a consortium with Swarco Mizar S.p.A. company.

The project includes the following:

  • supply, installation and configuration of the new telematics & passenger information software,
  • replacement of existing on board units with new,
  • supply, installation and configuration of computer and network equipment for Athens TRAM control center,
  • development of statistics & reports application,
  • training for the users and the administrators of the system.

The new system will provide advanced fleet management and passenger information functionality, using modern web-based technologies and it will interoperate with the existing passenger information equipment, which is located both inside the vehicles and at the tram stops, as well as with the traffic lights and the switch control point machines installed at Athens TRAM network.