Smart Cities Solutions with Infokiosks at the Municipality of Korinthos

AMCO expands its cooperation with the Municipality of Korinthos, with the implementation of the project “Supply of Interactive Screens & Visual Imaging (Infokiosk) for Smart Cities“.

The contract between the two individuals was signed in June 2023 and is already underway, with delivery within the next few months.

More specifically, the project includes three (3) Interactive and Visual Display Screens (Infokiosk), as well as the corresponding Infokiosk content management software.

The scope of the project is seamless interaction and information of citizens, serving them with high developed technologically methods, giving useful information in the most interactive way.

Citizens will be able to quickly and easily have access to information, promotional material and updates regarding the city of Korinthos.

The new Interactive & Visual Display Screens (Infokiosk) that will be supplied by AMCO, will further develop the smart infrastructures of the Municipality of Korinthos, upgrading the functionality of the urban environment through new technological methods, as well as the everyday life of the citizens.