Implementation of the R&D project “EPIKOUROS” funded by GSRT

AMCO SA signed the contract for the implementation of the R&D project “EPIKOUROS”, funded by General Secretary or Research and Technology (GSRT). Purpose of the project “EPIKOUROS” is the creation of a virtualized software platform, as well as a set of related tools that significantly reduce the time and effort needed to develop applications for multiple heterogeneous sensors and sensor networks. The main objective of the project “EPIKOUROS ” is to design and develop a virtualized platform (virtualized middleware platform) that allows the easy creation of an environment that enable the collection, management and integration of information from multiple sensors and sensor networks and he management of business processes supported by the sensors infrastructure.
The project also involves Converge SA and Telesto Ltd, the National Technical University of Athens (NTUA) and the Aegean University.