Implementation of BRT Fare Collection Systems in India

Two new contracts for the implementation of fare gate validators and the relevant software for the BRT lines of Ahmedabad and Surat cities in India, were recently awarded to AMCO, as subcontractor of NEC India.

The first phase of the projects, which is expected to be delivered by the end of June, includes:
– 1.038 pieces of AMCO’s SV-360G fare gate validators with embedded EMV and QR Code readers.
Station server software that will be installed in each BRT station and will communicate with the fare gate validators in order to send all the transactions to the back-office software.
– POS software that will be installed in each BRT station‘s manned POS and will be used for the issuing of new tickets.

The second stage of the projects is expected to begin by the end of summer and will include more than 2.000 bus validators.