Electronic contactless payments on city buses of 33 cities

AMCO, in collaboration with Visa, NBG Pay, and KTEL, announces the successful implementation of the contactless transit payment program on city buses in 33 cities and islands of Greece.

The innovative technology of contactless payments enters the field of public transport, starting from the city of Larissa and expanding its application to various regions of our country. This innovative initiative aims to improve the passenger experience and simplify the ticketing process.

Passengers and visitors of city buses will be able to make their payments simply and easily by “swiping” their card, mobile phone or watch (wearable devices) at the ticket validation machines. This technology facilitates passengers and allows them to be served quickly and efficiently, eliminating the need for cash or contact with ordinary tickets. These validation machines are designed and manufactured by AMCO.
The exclusively in-house design and manufacture of products, which are tailored to the needs of customers, as well as high-standard after-sales support is one of the key factors of our success.

AMCO with its many years of experience in intelligent mobility and smart city systems has successfully implemented hundreds of projects for private and public sector companies in more than 20 countries. With this particular project, AMCO welcomes the new era in public transportation in Greece, providing an upgraded and modernized traveling experience.

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