AMCO SA completed the first Open Payments project in India

AMCO SA successfully completed the first open payment fare collection project in Ahmedabad, India, as the main subcontractor of Japanese multinational NEC Corporation.
As part of the project, AMCO designed, manufactured and supplied fare gate and bus validators for BRT line, with QR Code and EMV readers and developed the payment application for which it received the L3 certification from the ICICI Bank of India. In addition, AMCO implemented the POS software for issuing of personalized smart cards as well as the station server software to communicate the equipment of each BRT bus station with the backoffice fare collection software.

It is worth mentioning that this is the first fare collection system in India, based on open payments, as well as the fact that AMCO’s payment application is the first that obtained L3 certification in the country.

As part of its excellent collaboration with NEC Corporation, AMCO has signed the relevant contracts and is already implementing three new open payment projects in India.