2nd project for AMCO ABEE in Cairo

AMCO, together with AYATECH LLC (based in the United Arab Emirates), is implementing an Automatic Fare Collection and Passenger Information System project in Cairo. The project is funded by the United Nations Development Program (UN) and awarded to the AMCO-AYATECH Union of Companies after an international tender procedure.

The project includes an account-based smart card management system for city buses, along with the necessary on-board computer/driver console and smart card validators with a built-in ticket printer for each bus. The passenger’s smart card will only act as an identifier and all information about the tickets purchased by the passenger will be stored centrally in cloud-based management software. This new system will allow to the operator to dematerialise tickets and will significantly reduce the cost of issuing paper tickets and handling cash payments because the passenger will be able to fill his card via web or in manned point of sales (POS) with the use of a debit or credit card.

Additionally, the project includes web and mobile applications for ticket issuance and passenger information, as well as ERP software for the financial management of the organization.

All project software will be installed in the cloud, which relieves the operator of the cost of purchasing and maintaining computing and network infrastructure.