Central Management Software

The Back-office Solution for Public Transport

AMFARE  supports  all  operational  challenges  of  your  ticketing  system  by  means  of  a  comprehensive  set  of functions including a simple system management and a flexible reporting toolset.
  • Simple operating concept 
  • Easy multi-screen handling 
  • Simultaneous working with different applications 
  • Ergonomic design 
  • Quick handling of tasks 
  • Modern look & feel  
Intelligent  public  transport  software  solutions  must  be  streamlined,  easy  to  use  and  flexible.  The  AMFAFE  back-office solution is a client-adaptable multi-place system with modern web based architecture. It supports the user and  makes system  operation  effective  and  efficient,  from  dealing  with  entering  complex  fare  demands  right

Card management
Using the Card Management component of the AMFARE, it becomes easy to manage the cards used within the system. Card details are stored and updated in the database, allowing to view their corresponding history and status.
The Reporting and Analysis component of AMFARE, is the tool for transaction and sales analysis. AFC data, present in the AMFARE database, are compared according to different variables. The output of this process, is a variety of graphs and tables which list sales or validation results as per vehicle or location.
Using the Monitoring component of AMFARE, system engineers have an overview of all the Ticketing equipment that is being used in the field and are able to consult the current operational state and other equipment information such as the software version, the data file version, and so on. 
AMFAFE supports every form of modern ticketing, including interoperable electronic transit ticket management. 
Among others, the following functions are available:
  • Device management
  • Driver management
  • Module administration for driver and system modules
  • Import interface for the import of driver working time and circulation data
  • Control data creation program (schedule, geographical, fare, announcement and operation data)
  • Report generator and numerous standard reports
  • Automatic data synchronization
  • Export interface
  • Real Time Monitoring of Ticketing Devices through native mobile applications

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