TVM-300 Ticket Vending Machine

The TVM-300 is a reliable outdoor automatic electronic ticket vending machine for customer-friendly sales at bus & train stations, bus & tramways stops. It is extremely easy for passengers to operate. In this way the machine meets one of the more important criteria for access to public transport.

Thanks to our universal design initiative, the TVM-300 is so versatile that it can provide the best possible access to local public transport networks to people with varying capabilities in different situations, all without any additional engineering or adjustments. AMCO has developed a user-friendly menu for the touch screen which this enables passengers to purchase tickets.

The ticket vending machine offers maximum functionality for a minimal space requirement. Regarding payment methods, the TVM-300 offers your customers a wide range of possibilities. Besides coin and bank notes the terminal can accept cashless payment methods according to customer’s requirements.

  • Compact design with high functionality
  • Fast, Convenient and Reliable
  • Maximum protection against vandalism
  • All payment methods are available.
  • Acceptance of: coins, bills, chip cards, credit/debit cards
  • Low maintenance and quick site visits
  • Accessible to people with mobility difficulties
  • Integration of a contact-free chip card system for e-ticketing
  • Thermal printing mechanism
  • Highly secure against break-in
  • Resistant to vandalism  
  • Remote management and device monitoring system
  • Reliable in all climates
 Processing Unit
Industrial PC
Embedded Windows operating system
  Display15” inch anti-vandal color display with operation via touch panel
 Coin Handling 
Electronic coin validator
4 recycle coin hopper, capacity at least 150 coins
2  hopper, more than 1000 coins capacity each
Tamper resistant
 Bank Note handling
30 bank note acceptance
15 note escrow
Shutters in all slots for secure & outdoor operation
 Printer  Graphic thermal printing unit
Paper width up to 86 mm
2 rolls, diameter 350mm
 e Ticket Acceptance   ISO/IEC 14443 Type A and  B
4 SAM sockets for ID000 Format (SIM-Card)
support communication with NFC devices (ISO 18092)
 Cashless Payment   Payment terminal with 16-key keypad for processing debit/credit cards
PCI PED 1.3 online and offline approved
EMV Level 1 compliant with EMV Level 2 certified application
 Communications  LAN Ethernet 10/100 Mbit
 Environment  Operating temperature: -20 °C to +55 °C
Storage Temperature: -30°C to +85°C
Humidity: 15% to 95%
 Power Supply  230 V AC
integrated UPS
 Housing  Material: Stainless steel 2 mm for the main body and 3mm for the door
Main case IP54. Slots IP34,33
Vandalism-safe door with 5-point lock
Dimensions: Height 1900mm, Width 700mm, Depth 700mm
Weight 200Kg
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