Platform LCD Displays

AMCO's platform LCD displays are very popular and reliable products offering optimum readability even in direct sunlight. Their  main  advantages  are  their  modular  design,  high-quality  components  and  their  ability  to  function unintermittently  even  in  harsh  environments.  Platform LCD displays  provide passengers with information about train arrival times or any other details concerning their journey.

  • Aesthetic design suitable for train platforms or bus stop terminals
  • Full matrix display combining graphical and alphanumerical information
  • Ability to display 80mm width color part on left side 
  • Excellent visibility in all lighting conditions with automated brightness control 16 levels
  • Variable font sets and user defined fonts
  • High brightness Led backlit > 100.00 hours with thermal dissipation
  • Self-diagnostics & Fault management (LCD, Led backlit, )
  • Ease of maintenance with sliding mechanisms for ease access to all electronic equipment
Visual characteristicsActive Area
Width: 987mm,  Height: 247mm
 Double sided
 Resolution: Pixel Matrix 288 x 64 pixels
 Technology: Transflective Extended Twisted Nematic – LCD, Pixel Oriented Display
 Dynamic color field (80mm width) at the left side of each row  
 Reading distance > 25m
 LED Backlit
 Character height: The area can be split up 4 lines of 50mm character’s height  
 Contrast Ratio: 40:1
  Luminosity > 2.500 cd/m 2
Control Unit  Embedded PC
Power Source   230VAC, 50Hz
 Consumption: 250W max. 140W typ.
CommunicationEthernet, Wi-Fi, GPRS
 Remote Firmware Upgrade
Mechanical  External dimensions
Width: 1277mm, Height: 549mm, Depth: 375mm
 Case Material: Aluminium
 Protection grade IP65 for LCD, IP54 for control unit
 Screen Protection: Antireflective Lexan polycarbonate or tempered Antireflective glass
Environment  Storage Temperature: -40oC to +80oC
 Operating Temperature: -20oC to +60oC
 Humidity: 15% to 95%
  Lifetime >100.000h
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